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About Us

Perry and Associates is a national consulting firm that acts on its commitment to social justice and equity by assisting city, board, district, school and teacher leaders improve the academic achievement and performance of all students.  

Theory of Change and Guiding Principles

The graphic below shows the theory of change that undergirds all of our collaborations with partner school systems. Simply stated, if Perry and Associates works with partners to provide a set of well-honed, transformational services, we will bring about changes at all levels of the system that ultimately help all students graduate from high school prepared for postsecondary education and career success.

In carrying out its work with schools and school systems, Perry and Associates adheres to a set of guiding principles. Some are inherent in its theory of change while others reflect lessons learned from both scientific research and years of experience in facilitating educational improvement:

•         Promoting equity is at the heart of true educational reform. It is not enough for student achievement to improve overall. We measure our success by the extent to which those students who are traditionally at risk of educational failure meet high standards.

•         For change to be implemented and sustained, it must be systemic. Change requires a common vision, systemic initiatives and communication that is top-down and bottom-up – i.e., from boardroom to classroom and from classroom to boardroom. Vertical alignment ensures that everyone in the system understands what is expected and is working towards a common goal.

•         Since no two districts or schools are the same, customization is important. We do not use a “one-size-fits all” approach. We tailor our assistance to local needs and priorities, and one of the first steps in almost all engagements is an in-depth needs assessment to identify the nature of the problem and establish clear direction.

•         Building organizational capacity is the key to ensuring sustainability. Through long term, three-to-five year engagements,we work to build learning organizations that support continuous school improvement and sustain the ability of schools and school systems to grow and develop over time.

•         Since educators value the advice and support of peers, it is critical that technical assistance providers have first-hand experience as well as scientific knowledge of what works. Our staff and consultants have proven leadership at the district or building level.


Perry and Associates draws from a team of consultants and full time staff based throughout the United States who have practical experience and success in improving teaching and learning. We begin conversations with lead associates by visiting potential partner districts and schools for on-site assessment and dialogue. After forming a partnership, we configure teams with associates who can meet the specific needs of schools and districts. George Perry leads the teams.




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