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At the school level, we concentrate on approaches that do the following:

Deepen instructional leadership through examining research on teaching and learning and by facilitating collegial conversations and study groups.
Provide individual, confidential coaching and professional development to school leaders in order to make the paradigm shift from building managers to instructional leaders.
Use data collection and analysis of standardized tests and school-based, grade-level assessments to determine studentsí strengths and the appropriate supports.
Foster the development of Instructional Leadership Teams and Professional Learning Communities that build, distribute and sustain leadership and responsibility for improving teaching and learning throughout the school.
Identify instructional and social-emotional development priorities by analyzing student performance data and goals, evaluating curriculum, instruction and assessment needs, and isolating strategies that are high-leverage based on the strengths and needs of each school.
Design school-based professional development for staff that makes effective use of existing resources.
Build collegial approaches to learning from each other through walkthroughs, learning walks or instructional rounds.
Co-develop learning tools, such as protocols for looking at student work to augment teacher learning and collegiality.
Improve instruction through the identification of best practices within the school and from the experiences of others.

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