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Our approach to change is deliberate: We attack problems at the district and school levels by working side-by-side with leaders to deliver research-based practices that are driven by data and the successful experiences of others. Our techniques - including confidential coaching and strategy development for district and school leaders - build learning organizations that support school improvement and sustain the ability of schools to improve themselves.

At the district level, we help administrators design strategic directions and plans and create systems that improve student achievement through professional learning and support. At the school level, we concentrate on approaches that strengthen school leadership via on-site staff and curriculum development, including walk throughs, looking at student work, action planning, professional learning communities, common assessments and identification of best practices to improve both student and teacher performance.

We recognize that no two districts or schools are the same. Because Perry and Associates is a national consulting group, it has the capacity to provide direct service and the flexibility to tailor our projects to the specific requirements of each district by drawing on a network of experts, including many who are practitioners in schools and districts.



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