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"The services of Perry and Associates,Inc were an essential component
of school improvement initiatives in our district. Through their
efforts, structures were created to work effectively with district
staff. Their knowledge and competence in best practice literacy
instruction had a direct impact on improving our student achievement.

As schools and districts strive to meet the increasing demands of
education reform and high stakes tests, this company has the experience
and expertise to provide on-site support to improve instructional
leadership and classroom practice. They are skillful in designing and
delivering products and services that are customized for the client
rather than a one size fits all. We appreciated the care and guidance
given to developing units of study for writing instruction which were
linked to the demands of our state assessment program.

Eugene Rutledge, Chief of Academics
Flint Community Schools


“Jordan High School is becoming a professional learning community as a direct result of its work with George [Perry] and Jennifer [McDermott].  The faculty now engages in dialogue that focuses on closing the achievement gap and building a positive culture of trust and collaboration to improve student achievement.  This has been a difficult journey and the guidance of George and Jennifer has helped us move along the path to improvement.  The design plays out in conversations with all stakeholders: principals, assistant principals, academic coaches and teachers.  George has also led us in classroom walk throughs where our focus is to gather evidence around curriculum implementation and instructional delivery.  Because of this, our collective professional knowledge and skills have been sharpened.

When working with any consultant, the goal should be to build capacity so that the work continues after the consultant has gone.  All of George's work is designed with this outcome in mind.”  

- Rosalind Morgan, Co-Principal,
Jordan High School, Long Beach, California

“Our work with Jennifer [McDermott] was empowering and always pertinent to the work in our schools. Jennifer developed within all of us the ability to focus our lens and name the vital elements to escalate the power of instruction in classrooms. In an era of focused attention on literacy, I was challenged to develop as a math peer coach. I realized that the substance of our work was not limited to isolated content areas. We thoroughly discussed the big questions around what makes instruction meaningful with ample opportunities to observe and work in real, working classrooms.

A year-and-a-half into our work has bestowed some wonderful rewards: Instruction has improved, student achievement is improving and our process of academic talk has more impact. Teachers are now requesting peer coach assistance and becoming more involved with the coaching process. This has been the most encouraging work in educational reform I have ever experienced. Thank you George [Perry], Jennifer and the San Diego group, for bringing your work to the table. Our shared experiences served as a model for the process of professional development in our schools.”

-Clyde Yoshida, Math Teacher & Peer Coach,
John J. Montgomery Middle School, San Diego, California

“Working with George and Jennifer over the past three and a half years has changed the whole culture of Cullen Middle School. The process of moving from the simple statement 'all children can learn' to results that match that expectation involves hard work. The rhetoric of 'all students achieving' is little more than an empty promise without a school culture—including the norms, values, routines and beliefs about learning that define school practices—that nurtures that vision. The guidance, support and mentoring from George provided me with the leadership to achieve a paradigm shift at our school.”

"Even the look of our school has changed. We have painted over the graffiti with our vision statement, mission statement and goals. We have become a recognized school with the belief that everyone has ownership. We are a village where parents, teachers, community leaders and students work together as a community of learners.”

—Wendy Gainan, Principal, Cullen Middle School, Corpus Christi, Texas

“Dr. George Perry has been the catalyst that moved Baker Middle School to become a campus that is clear about where it needs to go and how it will get there. Because of his work with us, this campus operates as a community of learners using multiple data sets to set goals and create plans of action in order to reach them.

The guidance, support and mentoring provided me with new tools and insights to lead teachers to hold themselves and their students to a higher level of accountability that has resulted in increases in student achievement.”

—Darla Reid, Baker Middle School, Corpus Christi, Texas


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