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We do not offer a pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all approach to improve districts and schools. Instead, we attempt further develop leaders to guide and to nudge districts and schools as they meet the challenges of implementing standards-based instruction and improving teaching so that all students learn to high levels. Our assistance to our partner districts has contributed  to results.  Instructional leadership is stronger and student achievement has increased from the classroom to the district offices. Two of our partners, Long Beach Unified School District and Norfolk Public Schools, have been recognized by the Broad Foundation as the outstanding urban school district of the year for raising student achievement and closing the achievement gap.  Independent studies by the Busara Group of our standards-based curriculum units (see below) in a Michigan district show rapid and significant growth in student achievement by aligning district-school-teacher instructional leadership. Some examples of our collaboration with districts and schools include the following:

Systems for Continuous Improvement
ball Improving High Schools
ball Developing Standards-based Curriculum Units
Enhancing School Administrators' Instructional Leadership through School and District Walk Throughs
School-Wide Learning and Action Planning
Site-Based Staff Development for Teachers
button Professional Learning Communities


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